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Can An Ordinary 'DIYer' Repair Leather Scuffs, Scratches And Other Minor Damage?

Leather is used to make a wide range of products such as lounge suites, car seats, jackets and more. It is also associated with ‘quality’ and ‘durability’ ... that's when it's in new or un-marked condition.

But sooner or later, the inevitable happens ... scuffs and scratches mysteriously appear on the surface. When this happens, most people are at a loss as to what to do and think that very little if anything can be done to make those unsightly marks disappear.

The good news is, leather can be repaired a lot easier than most people think. Furthermore, anyone with half an ounce of ‘DIY’ can make those nasty blemishes virtually disappear.

photo of repair cat scratches

Here's an example of a leather chair with some serious cat scratches ... and what it can look like after using a little 'artistic flair'.

You see, normally, a restoration expert needs to be hired to fix any leather damage, but now you can unleash your own hidden creativity and carry out your own repairs.

If after reading this article you decide you’d still rather have it fixed by a ‘pro’ then you’ll find one here.

You’ll also be please to know that you don’t need any special equipment for repairing scuffs and scratches etc … and, you don’t need any experience either!

The leather colour, glue and fillers, I can supply directly to you.

Now, let’s take a look at what is possible ...

Example Of Repaired Leather Upholstery ...

scuff chair repaired

A trainee and good friend, Andre, kindly sent me a selection of his before and after photos which graphically demonstrate the possibilities ... so, I decided to show them to you as well ... thanks Andre. You'll find a link to Andre's website on the leather specialists page.

Here's an example of a brown leather chair with a reasonably deep scuff. You can see the surface of the leather has been knocked off exposing the raw flesh. The damage was filled with a filler to replace the missing skin, then colour matched to blend in with the original.

A very simple repair which can totally transform the look of your chair!

damaged couch repaired

Here's another example of a scuff on the outside panel of a tan leather couch. The damaged occurred while trying to move it through a doorway.

This happens a lot in furniture removal.

Once again, easy to fix with the glue, filler and colour.

Can A Novice REALLY Do These Sorts Of Repairs?

Absolutely yes. It really comes down to your expectation, how confident you are and your level of skill. Most people are absolutely thrilled at making the damage un-noticeable, and at the same time, saving a fortune on recovering, replacement or a serviceman.

Can Cracked, Ripped Or Torn Leather Be Repaired?

cracked leather

If your leather has light surface cracking, then these can definitely be improved and is well within the realms of diy restoration.

On the other hand, for rips, tears and deep cracks, I would have the damaged panels or sections replaced with new leather, then colour matched to blend in with the original.

Can rips, tears and cracks be repaired using the processes in the above examples?

torn leather

I don't recommend it because once the leather substrate has been broken, it has lost its strength and a 'repair' will only be temporary.

For me, personally, I go for 'long term' results. That's why I don't hesitate to have the leather panel or panels replaced.

If you would like to have a go at repairing your own leather, you'll find product information here.