Leather Help

About Leather Help

Leather Help was created by leather professional, Paul Ford.

The site unravels the mysteries of your leather, making it so much easier for you to keep it in top condition.

The information provided is a result of over 36 years experience in the leather industry.

Over the years Paul has employed several staff and worked on many projects ranging from simple repair work, restoration of leather furniture, colour matching leather hides for interior designers to restoring upholstery in classic and exotic cars.

The products used are exactly the same as used in the tannery and pass the international leather finishing standards.

Here's what a major supplier of leather tanning products had to say:

"Stahl products are used by tanneries world wide for the finishing of leather.

We have been working with Paul Ford in the area of refinishing upholstery and leather hides.

We are pleased to say that his work meets the BS1006 British Leather Standards for upholstery, and the quality of his team's workmanship is among the best in Australasia.

We therefore have no hesitation in recommending their work."

Stahl Australia, Scott Swansen, Technician

I hope you find the information helpful and if you need any help, feel free to contact me.

Enjoy, Paul Ford