Leather Help

Now You Can Restore Your Faded And Worn Leather ... For Results You'll Be Supremely Proud Of!

If your leather is worn, faded or just plain tired, now there's a simple way to restore and recolour it to its original without having to replace it ... or reupholster it. Furthermore, if you would like the satisfaction of doing it yourself, then this article is for you.

Now, let me point out, if you don't want to attempt your own restoration work, you can still have it done professionally.

The best part is, you don't need any specialised equipment and you can do this in your own home. And I can supply you with the leather products custom colour matched to your leather.

Let me show you what's possible ...

Faded Leather Couch Restored To Original

faded pink couch before restoration work

Take a look at this couch here in photo. Originally, this was a salmon pink but as you can see, the leather has lost its original colour and is also showing surface cracks.

Usually when leather gets to this stage, most folks think that nothing can be done to bring back to its former glory, so they either 'put up with it' ... or spend a fortune replacing it.

restored couch

The next photo shows what it looks like after it's been restored.

The colour matches perfectly ... the cracks are now un-noticeable and the owner of this couch was absolutely thrilled! They got to save a few thousands as well!

You see, when leather starts to look shabby, in most cases the finish or the colour on the surface of the leather has worn off and can look stained or discoloured.

This is very common with upholstery leathers. Many people think that when it gets to this stage, they will have to spend thousands of dollars on reupholstering or replacement, but not any more.

Can Leather Car Seats Be Restored Too?

worn cream car seat

Here's some seats out of a Jaguar MK10. Again, like the couch above, the colour is very worn and in places, non-existant. This is the upright of the rear seat.

If you have leather in your car and it's looking a 'little worse for wear', then cheer up ... help is at hand!

restored car seat

Here's the same seat after being refinished

When the upholstery in your car look fantastic, it's amazing how the entire car feels totally transformed ... and improved in value as well!

Here's Another Example ...

cracked blue chair

Here's another example of the ideal project for restoration ... leather which looks raw and cracked.

This blue leather chair was part of lounge suite and as you can see in the photo, the leading edge of the seat cushion was extremely raw and covered in surface cracks.

rubbing in the colour

Here I am rubbing the colour into the leather. Even with the first layer applied, it already looked a lot better!

Below is a photo showing half of the job completed. Left couch 'before ... right couch 'after'. What do you think?

before and after photo of couches

How Does The Leather Perform Once Restored?

All of the resins and pigments I use are EXACTLY the same as used in the tannery. What that means is, your leather will look, feel and perform the same as the original leather finish.

If You Would Like Your Leather Restored Back To Original, Here's What To Do

You have 2 options:

  1. DIY Leather Restoration
  2. Or ... Have It Done By A Professional

Let me explain.

1. DIY Leather Restoration ...

diy leather restoration

I am supplying leather restoration products and help so you can recolour and restore your own leather.

  1. Custom matched leather colours
  2. Instructions and videos available at no cost
  3. Backup and support at no cost
  4. Same products I use for professional work

For full details, go to www.paulfordleatherproducts.co.nz.

2. Have It Done By A Professional

If you live in the South Island of New Zealand, I am based in Timaru and I am available for restoration work.

To see examples of my work, check out my website: www.paulfordleather.co.nz