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Information On Leather Products

I have put together a full range of leather care, repair and restoration products, for your use.

Here's Where To Buy "Seriously Good Leather Products" ...

go to leather products store

If you want to check out my leather care, repair and restoration product range, go to: www.PaulFordLeatherProducts.co.nz

I've also provided step-by-step instructions showing you exactly what to do.

Supplied Direct From My Workshop

These are the exact same resins, binders and pigments I use in my workshop for professional work ... so they are seriously good! If you want to check out the quality of my work, have a look at: www.PaulFordLeather.co.nz

What this means is, there is simply no reason you can't achieve results you'll be supremely proud of!

You see, I'm not a manufacturer who just sells stuff to whoever fronts up with the money. I'm a leather restoration specialist already doing professional work, helping others get the same results I'm getting, with products directly from my workshop.

Don't Be Shy About Asking For Help

I also want you to know, if you're not sure about anything or you have any questions, even if you think they're not important, give me a call and send me some pics, because I'm here to help.

One thing I do know is this ... if folks get excited about the results they're getting, they tend to tell their friends ... so we both win!

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